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David Davis 
 Remembering Aaliyah 

LATEST BLAZING SINGLE FROM UPCOMING RELEASE!! West Haven, Ct- In his 10th full-length album, independent artist and producer David Davis offers his most explosive collaborative work as an extraordinary musician and producer yet - “Remembering Aaliyah” - His latest solo recording project as an artist and producer. His eclectic style in arrangements range from Smooth Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Fusion and R&B. 

Catie Waters - Colors Album Cover.jpg

The key producers helping bring Catie’s musical vision for Colors to life is Michael Broening, a Grammy winner renowned for his work with Al Jarreau and George Benson. In addition to the Broening-helmed tracks, Catie also works with Ben Bohorquez and two-time Grammy winner Caleb McCampbell (on “Feelin’ Alright,” “Sanctuary” and “Wicked”) and ten-time Grammy winner Philip Lassiter, Prince’s former trumpet player, on “Get Me Golden.” Keyboardist and Trippin N’ Rhythm labelmate Nicholas Cole is featured playing the Hammond B-3 on “Mountain Sound.”Make sure you follow Catie Waters’ trajectory. She is just getting started—especially with the release of her new album, Colors. It will soon be available for purchase on all platforms. First single of the new album is Moonlight, now on the turntables of many radio stations.

Oli Silk
Oli Silk

The long awaited new record is finished and the first single       "New Bounce"

Once again I've been so fortunate to collaborate with some of the best artists and musicians in the business, to create an album of 12 songs I'm truly proud of - and can't wait for you all to hear!

Plenty of classic Oli Silk piano hooks and funky grooves to keep you moving (around the house at the moment. :-p)

I've reworked a classic 80s George Howard track with the help of the multi-talented Darren Rahn on Soprano.

Alongside fabulous vocalist Elle Cato, we've written a lovely uplifting gospel-tinged groove entitled 'U Bring Me Joy'

I've gone funky, uptempo and hooky + electric guitars with one of my favourite players Chieli Minucci.

I asked Jeff Kashiwa to put that sax back in its case, and instead channel the spirit of Ron Burgundy to create a super deep and jazzy flute-led romp entitled "Slinky Malinki" after my kids' favourite naughty literary cat.

I also asked Gerald Albright to put that legendary sax back in its case and gimme some of that good old low-end love on a retro-funk vocoder piece entitled 'Call Patrice' after one of my all time heroine keys players!

By popular demand I’ve also let the Fender Rhodes come front and centre on a track inspired by another musical hero of mine, Bob James.

The lead-off radio single "New Bounce" will debut on May 8th and features none-other than my Stateside pal and über talent Vincent Ingala on sax.


Caught in the Groove


Guitar virtuoso Nils has been one of the most successful forces in the Contemporary Jazz genre. With 4 number 1 Hits in the Billboard Smooth Jazz charts, including the Song of the Decade 2001-2010 “Pacific Coast Highway” and the Song of the Year 2011 ” Jump Start”, he stands out amongst his peers. “His CD ‘Jazz Gems – The Best of Nils’ could easily be titled “The Best of Contemporary Jazz” and it is pure joy and exhilaration reliving these masterfully composed and produced hits.” As songwriter and producer he used his “Midas touch ” to provide hits for many artist in this genre, including Lisa Addeo, George Benson, Brian Simpson, Reza Khan, Alvin Pope, Tony Saunders to name a few.

Willie Bradley
Willie Bradley It's On Now cover art.JPG

Willie’s sophomore CD ”Going With The Flow” is being considered for a Grammy, “Best New Contemporary Jazz Instrumental Album 2018”. Title track, “Going With The Flow” and “Bring Your “A” Game” are smooth winners being added to Sirius XM “Watercolors” and Direct TV’s Music Choice Smooth Jazz Chanel. To put a sharper point on that, the first single from the album is out, and it is terrific. "In the Meantime" featuring legendary vocalist Gerald Alston was released in the UK on October 3, 2017 by Soul Music Records (SMR)/Platinum Garage. "In The Meantime," was written and produced by award-winning multi-faceted music man Preston Glass. Experts in the music world say this is "Real soul music for the 21st century...timely lyrics, amazing musicianship, heartfelt vocals..." These lyrics are timely and powerful as America heals. “In the Meantime” is a cool midtempo number that borders soul and jazz and has a positive message of living in harmony at a time of an awful lot of confusion in the world.

 Every so often, a new artist comes along with such a distinct, nuanced and compelling voice that it makes you stop what you’re doing and really pay attention. The singer and songwriter Nyah Grace has just such a gift, and you’ll be glad you listened.

Originally from Oregon, where her early influences included Billie Holiday, Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo, Nyah has recently relocated to London where she is working with Grammy-nominated producer Steve Chrisanthou on her debut album for Palawan Productions.  We feature here her first advance single, “Black Coffee,” an airy, acoustic shuffle that swings ever so gently beneath Nyah’s warm vocals.  The track may be especially appealing to fans of Norah Jones’s early work.  Enjoy. 

Jakob Magnusson - High North
Jakob Magnusson High North cover art.jpg